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Welcome to Spiritus Coffee

Hello, and welcome to Spiritus Coffee! We are excited to reveal our first set of single-origin, locally roasted coffee beans. What makes Spiritus Coffee different from some of the other coffees you’ve tried? Grab a cup and let’s get into it.

We believe coffee is much more than just a beverage or an aid to further alertness and productivity. We know that it can foster connections between people and join us together in the moment.

The Purpose of Spiritus Coffee

At Spiritus Coffee Company, our purpose is to transform your daily coffee from routine to Ritual. Every bean infused with spirit; every sip set with intention; every moment a moment to savor. From seed to cup, every detail matters. That’s why we made thoughtful choices to obtain single-origin and ethically coffee sourced from farmers in finest growing regions of the world. We create small batch specialty coffee blends that are hand roasted locally in Lombard, IL. And 20% of all profits support organizations dedicated to addiction and mental health. When given time, attention, and community, a cup of coffee can deepen our connection to the present moment and our connection to each other. So however you choose to brew and whatever be on your mind, we hope you can slow down, breathe deeply, and sip in the moment completely.


Spiritus Coffee is committed to finding the highest quality coffee, and work with farmers and coffee farming communities whose ethics value quality over quantity. We work to source unique and rare speciality micro-lots that will be especially appreciated by those with a well-developed palate. We roast our coffee locally, and we manually roast each batch with intention and consciousness, bringing our best to your preferred brewing method and favorite mug.


So often, we brew and consume coffee in a rush — a quick fix before running out to start our day. Grabbing a cup in a drive-through, sipping as we drive to work or school. Using it as a caffeine delivery device — a means to an end.

What if … brewing and enjoying a cup of coffee was a leisurely affair? Many recent studies have shown that practicing mindfulness/meditation improves mental health and general attitude. We think that the world of coffee and the world of mindfulness can easily be combined to create a moment of quiet reflection while enjoying a great cup of coffee.


We have personal experience with the idea that we all succeed when we help one another. “A rising tide lifts all boats,” as it were. To that end, we will be donating 20% of our profits to organizations whose missions are to help and guide people with addiction and/or mental illness. We hope to support organizations who are directly working with those in need, and help everyone to see the benefits of a good quiet time and a great cup of coffee. Our first partners will be the 516 Light Foundation and NAMI DuPage.

We can’t wait for you to buy and enjoy some high-quality coffee, while staying in the present moment and supporting some great organizations doing excellent work. Welcome to Spiritus Coffee Company!

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