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The Process

Spiritus Coffee Roaster Roasting Specialty Coffee in Lombard
When you know better, you do better.

Spiritus Coffee starts with finding the best coffee. How our coffees taste is of the highest importance, and we are committed to roasting and selling the highest quality coffee.

Our coffee is ethically sourced, from farmers and coffee farming communities who care about their community and environment with a belief and ethic of quality over quantity. Not only are we bringing you the best coffee, but we bring them to you with thoughtfulness and integrity.

Our Green Coffee

Our Double Washed Ethiopian is sourced from a women-owned cooperative, while our Kenyan varieties come through direct trade relationship with a Kenyan family farm. In trading directly, we can personally help increase farmers’ returns by 35%.

Spiritus also works to source unique and rare specialty micro-lots that will be appreciated by those with the most well-developed palate.
Spiritus Roasting

We believe the way you do one thing; is the way you do everything. It is in that spirit that we roast our coffee with the same intentionality as we put forward as our brand mission — turning routine into ritual, where we seek to be fully present in each moment.

Once our coffee arrives at our roaster in Lombard, IL or our Commercial Kitchen in Elmhurst,  we begin dialing in the perfect roast profile to extract and develop the best flavored coffee.

Using a coffee’s density, elevation, and processing method, we roast manually, present with each batch through sight, smell, and cupping for taste with the same principles of intention and consciousness bringing our best to your preferred brewing method and your favorite mug.

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